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Board of Directors




President Christian Appel 9/30/2022
  Team Leader: Administrative Services
Committees: Lobbyist, Federal Gov. Affairs/State Affiliation, Strategic Plan, Executive Director, Attorney/legal, Payment/Reimbursement

President Elect Emily Herndon
Next election for Pres. Elect will be Fall 2024.

Becomes President Fall 2022
Pres. term ends 9/30/2025
Vice President Samantha Schmidt 9/30/23


Team Leader: Government Affairs and Practice Services  
Committees: Public Relations,  Peer Review / Quality Assurance

Secretary Brianna Irion 9/30/22


Team Leader: Governance Services
Committees: Bylaws, Minutes, Liaison to Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, Policy Development/Maintenance

Treasurer Beth Nordstrom 9/30/22


Team Leader: Financial Services

Committees: Finance, Peer Review


Jeanne Korn


Team Leader: Education Services
Committees: Creative Projects (Research), Programs, CEU Endorsements

Director Emily Herndon 9/30/22


Team Leader: Membership Services
Committees: Membership, Marketing & Sale

Chief Delegate Jon Carling 9/30/23


Team Leader: Delegates and PTA Caucus Representative
Delegates: Jon Carling (Chief), Anna Thornily (Term ends Fall 2025), Brent Denisar-Green (Term ends Fall 2022); PTA Caucus Rep: Laurie Roberts, term expires Fall 2023 

Nominating* Marybeth Wilson 9/30/2022
Cole Bausch 9/30/2023
  Thomas Little 9/30/2024
 Awards  Refer to Nominating Committee - Cole Bausch co-chairs  
SPT Liaison* Kasey Calwell, followed by Phoebe Schembre 4/30/2022, 4/30/23
SPTA Liaison*
*indicates non-voting position on the board

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2021-2022 Committees and Chairpersons. 

Legislative   Christian Appel, Samantha Schmidt, Gary Lusin, Emily Herndon, Kevin Pancich, Ricardo Fernandez, Thomas Little, Rich Willy, Jamie Terry, Jim McLean (all terms end Fall 2023, two year terms)

Christian Appel

Emily Herndon, Samantha Schmidt, Christian Appel 

Financial Review

Appointed in Jan/Feb annually. Chairperson in final year of term:
Cari Arnot (Term ends 2022), Kelli Wait (Term ends 2023)


Debra Gorman-Bader

Jeanne Korn

Leadership Committee - Centennial Ambassador
Jay Shaver, Beth Ikeda, Lorena Pettet Payne

CE Review
Jim Sykes, Brace Hayden

Jon Carling, Anna Thornily, Brent Denisar-Green

PTA Caucus Representative
Laurie Roberts. Term ends 2023

Federal Liaison
Brenda Mahlum

BOPTE Liaison
Brianna Irion

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Past Presidents:



 2022-2025 Emily Herndon, CURRENT
2019-2022 Christian Appel
2016-2019 Jay Shaver
2013-2016 (3yr terms) Jay Shaver
2011-2013 Beth Ikeda
2009-2011 Beth Ikeda
2007-2009 Lorena Pettet
2005-2007 Lorena Pettet
2003-2005 Joe Smith
  Richard Smith
  Steve Anderson
  Gary Lusin
  Loren Wright
  Gail Wheatley




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