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Balanced Body Reformer 1 for Rehabilitation Professionals

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Sam Schmidt, MPT, NCPT

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Saturday, June 6, 2020

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Missoula, MT

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Introduction to the Reformer & Beginning Exercises for Rehabilitation Application and Progression

The Pilates Reformer is a simple to use apparatus providing support, resistance and assistance for training or retraining common functional movement patterns in supine, seated, all fours and standing positions. Reformer 1 for the Rehabilitation professional includes an introduction to using the Reformer in a clinical setting and gives you the tools you need to apply the exercises to a range of common injuries including lower back pain, hip and knee pain and shoulder injuries. Variable spring resistance can add support, assistance or resistance to allow patients to learn optimum movement patterns and then to challenge them to build dynamic strength and useful mobility. Each of the exercises presented will teach appropriate patient set up, regressions and progressions as necessary to meet patient’s needs. The course includes case studies and appropriate applications in the rehabilitation setting.

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Balanced Body Pilates and Alpine Physical Therapy

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